Books (Popular)

Here are two "cheap and cheerful" books, ideal for children:

Magic Cylinder cover image Magic Mirror cover image
The Magic Cylinder Book, Ivan Moscovich. Tarquin Publications (ISBN 0-906212-67-7). The Magic Mirror: an antique optical toy, McLoughlin Brothers. Dover Books. (Reprint of a popular late-19th century book of mirror-cylindrical images)

The following is an extremely neat package of illustrated booklet, plastic mirrors and "do-it-yourself" transformation grids:

Secrets des Anamorphoses
Secrets des Anamorphoses. Gallimard Jeunesse, Paris, 1995 (ISBN 2-07-058795-9).

Anamorphosis has been the subject of several Scientific American articles, as well as a recent column in Science News:

Anamorphosis gets a good mention in the following popular books about perspective:

You may also find anamorphoses in books of optical illusions and tricks. This one is particularly good:

Finally, two unusual books on the art and psychology of mirror images:

Books (Scholarly and Academic)

Baltrusaitis cover image     Leeman cover image

Scholarly books and exhibition catalogues on anamorphosis have been published from time to time in the last 30 years, almost all of which are now out-of-print. These books are often accessible in large academic libraries, such as the Science Museum Library in London (which is unusual in offering free and immediate admission to the public).

There is an extremely useful article on the mathematical transformations required to create anamorphic images:

Books on the history of perspective in art, with significant attention to anamorphosis:

Books on vision, perception and the "psychology of art" (though not directly about anamorphosis):

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