Anamorph Me! (Java version)

Anamorph Me! is a free software application to carry out anamorphic transformations on images. A new version is under development in Java, to be used as a set of plugins for the free image processing software, ImageJ (

See the github repository: .

The full source code is made available under a GNU GPL license.

Anamorph Me! (version 0.2 for Windows)

The original version of the software was published in 2001. It is very old software, but still works surprisingly well.

Anamorph Me! is a free, small software application that can read images in the most common formats (e.g. JPEG, BMP) and carry out a range of anamorphic transformations on them - including oblique, cylindical mirror and conical mirror. Please note that this software runs in Microsoft Windows operating systems only (however you may have luck with a Windows emulator in MacOS or Linux - do let me know if you make that work).

With apologies to Leonardo, here are some sample output images:

Mona Lisa as a cylidrical mirror anamorphosis     Mona Lisa as a conical mirror anamorphosis
Mona Lisa as a cone projection     Mona Lisa as a pyramid projection

To download the software, simply click on the following link:

and follow the directions given in the README file:

The User's Guide (PDF format, 1160 Kbytes):

If you do download and use the software, I'd appreciate an email to so I can keep track of who is using it. I appreciate to receive samples of images that you create.

Anamorph Me! is made freely available for non-commercial purposes only. It is provided "as is" and is not warranted to be suitable for any particular purpose. (For commercial use, please contact me.)

Anamorph Me! is copyright © Phillip Kent, 2001.

If you like and value the software, donations are welcome.

Technical information: Anamorph Me! was written using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and is based on the (discontinued) C++ class library paintlib.

Anamorph Me! screenshot

Free software for image manipulation

Anamorph Me! (Windows version) offers only limited manipulation functions for images. For standard operations such as cropping, changing brightness, contrast and colours, and advanced printing, you'll need an image manipulation program. Assuming that you don't have, and don't want to buy, commercial software (such as Photoshop), take a looking at the following free alternatives.


The GNU Image Manipulation Program, or GIMP, is a fully-featured image manipulation package (similar in scope to Photoshop) which is freely-distributed and open source. The software runs in Windows, MacOS and Linux.

A huge number of transformation algorithms are implemented in The GIMP. Located in the Filters > Distorts menu is "Polar Coordinates", with which you can do approximate mirror-cylindrical transformations, like this software does, and also do inverse transformations from polar to rectangular coordinates.

The GIMP home site is .


ImageJ is a free, open source image processing program that runs in Java. It will run on any computer that has a recent Java virtual machine ("Java runtime environment") installed.

ImageJ is widely used in the scientific community and is particularly strong in scientific image processing, but there are a wide range of built-in functions and functions contributed as plugins by the user community.

Find out more and download here:

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