Sunderland-St Peter's Riverside

St Peter's Riverside sculpture
"Passing Through"
Colin Wilbourn (1997)

Location: Banks of the River Wear, in central Sunderland, on Dame Dorothy Street/Harbour View at Sand Point Road
[Street map]. Close to the National Glass Centre.

This superbly-designed oblique anamophosis is one of the sculptures in the St Peter's Riverside Sculpture Project, which runs for a kilometre or so along the banks of the River Wear.

(Find out more at the Art on the Riverside web site: Passing Through - other artworks in Sunderland - Colin Wilbourne biography)

Sunderland view 1 Sunderland view 1 detail
Sunderland view 2
Sunderland view 3
Sunderland view 4
Sunderland view 4
Sunderland view 5
Sunderland view 6 Sunderland view 6 detail
Sunderland view with observation seat

To see the undistorted view, you should ideally sit
yourself on the observation seat (in the foreground of
this picture), and put your eye to the "peep hole".

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